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Top 25 Personal Finance Softwares.

Top 25 Finance softwares

Top 25 Personal Finance Softwares: 

We’ve researched the internet to provide you with the top 25 personal finance software options to manage your personal finances. 

What is a personal finance software?

In simple terms Personal finance software is a software tool that will provide visual data intelligence to help you make better financial decisions.

  • Simplify your daily finances.
  • Better Manage your spending.
  • Manage your bill payments.
  • Achieve your saving, investment & retirement goals.
  • Enables you in making better financial decisions in day to day life.

Personal Finance Softwares securely connect with your bank, investment, retirement accounts and displays all information on one platform. You can categorize your expenses, Check your bills, tax & loan payments.

With not further delay let’s dig into the list, if you are curious to find out what is personal finance Please read our article on What is personal finance.

25 Personal Finance Softwares.

Quicken has been around for 30 years & is one of the first companies that had a personal finance software. Often considered as the industry benchmark is a one-stop personal finance solution software, with Quicken you can manage your finances, create comprehensive budget plans, track your investment & Plan your retirement.

Quicken Features:

  • Get a consolidated view of your finances.
  • Better understand and manage your spending.
  • Manage your small business finances.
  • Manage your rental properties.
  • Track & Pay all your bills from one dashboard.
  • Plan & save for your long-term financial goals.
  • Monitor all your investments together.
  • Native Mac & PC apps.
  • 256-bit encryption & firewall protected servers.

Quickens Product Portfolio:

  • Quicken Starter – Start taking control of your money – $ 35.99/yr
  • Quicken Deluxe – Manage your money & save – $ 51.99/yr
  • Quicken Premier – Maximize your investments – $ 77.99/yr
  • Quicken Home & Business – Manage personal & business finances in one places. – $ 103.59/yr

Quicken Compare plans


‘You Need A Budget’ (YNAB) run by small but passionate team whose aim is to build the best budgeting software for everyone.

YNAB is simple to use and structure is very neatly laid out for ease of use. YNAB can be accessed from anywhere using various YNAB product line ups.

YNAB Features:

  • Budget Together, Share finances with partners.
  • Goal Tracking.
  • Reports with well designed graphics & charts.
  • Personal, 100+ free online workshops.
  • Secure Data with 128-bit encryption.

YNAB Line up:

  • YNAB Web
  • YNAB Android
  • YNAB iPhone, iPad & iWatch
  • YNAB for Alexa.
YNAB Price plans
YNAB Plan – edited screenshot credit YNAB

Pocket smith was founded in 2008 in New Zealand. A personal finance software that ticks all boxes with perfect graphics to understand your financial activity. 

Pocket Smith Features:

  • Automated Live Bank Accounts
  • Find and organize transactions
  • Multi-currency account tracking
  • Connect to Xero account
  • Budget Calendar
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Import from
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Email Notifications

Pocket Smith Pricing:

Pocket smith is a subscription based software that is available in 3 pricepoints.

  • Basic Plan – Free
  • Premium – $ 9.95/mo
  • Super – $ 19.95/mo

pocketsmith personal finance software price plans.
PocketSmith – Personal Finance Software

Mint which is part of portfolio is a personal finance software that helps you to reach your goals with personalised insights, custom budgets, spend tracking & subsection monitoring.

One can access cash, credit cards, investments & bills all from one App. App is available in IOS & Android. recently introduced support for cryptocurrency to monitor your cryptocurrency investment portfolio. Most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges are supported with in personal finance software Personal Finance Software Features:

  • Budget Planner
  • Credit monitoring
  • Spend Tracking
  • Subscription tracking
  • Free Credit Score
  • Support for CryptoCurrency.

Mint Pricing Structure:

  • Mint is Free to use platform.
  • Mint generates revenue by promoting partner products such as credit cards, personal loans to customers.

Qapital was created in 2013 for couples who want to save together towards a common goal. It helps couples to share their financials, enabling them to have a joint overview of their money movements including saving, investments, bills & spending accounts.

The platform is an app based financial product which has more thank 100K reviews, awarded best iOS app for savings, Most innovative app for Google Play Store. There are currently 2+ million members using Qapital.

Qapital Features:

  • Award winning app. With great look & feel.
  • Save for your goal with little effort.
  • Choose a strategy suitable for you.
  • Automated budgeting which leave you stress free. 
  • Couples can share financials to work towards a goal.

Qapital Pricing:

Qapital comes in 3 pricing flavours:

  • Basic – $ 3/mo
  • Complete – $ 6/mo
  • Master – $ 12/mo - Personal Finance Software is a complete package, Albert helps you understand finances & make better financial decisions. You can self-manage your account for free or let Albert Genius help you with managing your account.


  • Albert Cash – Albert debit card comes with lots of benefits from Mastercard.
  • Albert Advance – Get approved for cash advances.
  • Albert Saving – Smart savings, smart goals & more money in your pocket.
  • Investing – Buy Stocks & themes, auto invest.
  • Portfolio by genius – guided investing, no experience needed.
  • Intelligent spending alerts.
  • Real-time account monitoring.

Albert Pricing:

Albert is free to use, however you can pay what is fair price for genius service with financial experts. - personal finance software

Buxfer provides a platform to take control of your financial future. One can access Investments, Retirement Planning, budgeting & forecasting all at one secure place.

You can be in control of your spending by setting up visualized spending trends, you can get realtime alerts when you exceed your spending limits. Buxfer accounts can be shared with family members, accountants. 

Buxfer Features:

  • Powerful & flexible catgorization.
  • Deep insight visual tools.
  • Budgeting
  • Forecast, preview future growth.
  • Investments, monitor your entire portfolio at one place
  • Long term retirement planning
  • Set automatic rules
  • Multi-currency support. 130 currencies supported.
  • Share finances with family or partners
  • Automatic backups to google drive, one drive or dropbox.

Buxfer Pricing:

Buxfer has 3 different pricing options.

  • Buxfer Plus – $ 3.99/mo if paid annually, or $4.99/mo
  • Buxfer Pro – $ 4.99/mo if paid annually, or $5.99/mo
  • Buxfer Prime- $9.99/mo if paid annually, or $11.99/mo

Buxfer - personal finance software

Personal Capital built a business around giving you a better, more logical and personal way to invest & manage money. The platform has an app (IOS & Android) to use the financial tools.

They have advisors that can help with wealth management, cash management, investing planning, savings planning & retirement planning.

Personal Capital Features:

  • Budgeting
  • Savings
  • Networth
  • Cash Flow management
  • Retirement Planner
  • Education planner
  • Investment Checkup
  • Financial Roadmap
  • Personal Strategy

Disclaimer: We may get monetary compensation if you choose to make a purchase with Personalcapital.

Personal-capital - personal finance software

Pocketguard is an app based software product that helps to take control of your money, optimize spending & grow savings account. App has a clean and easy layout with simple graphics.


  • Always know what’s in your pocket
  • Keep tabs on your spending
  • Pay your debts off with ease
  • All accounts in one place
  • Track your bills

pocketguard personal finance software

Acorns platform lets your invest spare change & bank smarter for retirement. Investment accounts that you and your family can share.

It is super easy to set up Acorns Round-ups, simply link all your accounts, & Acrons will invest your round-up spare money & you can reap the rewards. Acorns allows retirement planning (401K account) and investing for kids.

Acorns has over 9 million signups.

Acorns Features:

  • Investment Account
  • Put your spare change to work with rounds-ups
  • Earn bonus investments from Acorns Earn partners
  • Retirement account
  • Checking account
  • Investment accounts for kids plus 
  • Personal investment account
  • Retirement account
  • Checking account
  • Automatic recurring investments

Acorns Pricing:

Acorns has 2 pricing options:

  • Personal Account – $ 3/mo
  • Family Account – $ 5/mo
Acorns Personal Finance Software

Countabout is an easy to use online personal finance application, the software was made as a better alternative to Quicken & Mint which are the two most popular personal finance softwares. With Countabout one can import data from Quicken & Mint making it easy for existing customers of Quicken & Mint to transfer to Countabout platform.


  • Easy import data from Quicken & Mint
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Automatic transaction download from thousands of financial institutions
  • Fully customisable categories & tags
  • Receipt attachement
  • Easy clutter free interface
  • iOS & Android apps.

countabout personal finance software

Countabout Pricing:

Countabout is available in two packages.

Basic – $9.99/year – Provides full access to all features except for automatic downloading of transactions

Premium: $ 39.99/year – Full access to all features within CountAbout.

Free trial: Countabout provides a free trial of 45 days to test our its premium option.

Add-ons: Countabout has add-on options such as small business invoicing, send invoices, attach images to transactions. These add-on are charged as additions from $10/year to $ 60/year.

Disclaimer: We may get monetary compensation if you choose to make a purchase with Countabout.

Honeydue, a company incorporated in San Francisco is an app based platform for couples. The software is free to use, app is focused on making it easy for couples to stay on top of finances. Honeydue supports over 20,000 financial institutes over 5 countries and can be downloaded on iOS & Android platforms.


  • Automatic bank connections
  • Track all accounts
  • Bill Coordination
  • Chat conversation with partner
  • iOS & Android apps, in-app purchases.

Honeydue - Personal Finance Software
Honeydue – Personal Finance Software (Edited Screenshot)

Based in Southern California Moneyspire focus is on creating financial tools for people and small businesses around the world. Moneyspire has two options in personal finance & business finance tailored for individuals and small business.

Moneyspire Features:

  • Manage Personal & household finances.
  • Manage all accounts.
  • Track your bill payments.
  • Category customization.
  • Track your payees.
  • Customize & generate reports by tags.
  • Create Budgets.
  • Import/Export files.
  • Manage international accounts.
  • Detailed reports.
  • Money on the go with mobile app.

Moneyspire pricing options. 

  • One time Fee Standard – $ 49.99 (currently $29.99)
  • One time Fee Pro    – $ 69.99 (currently $39.99)
  • Monthly Subscription Standard – $ 6.99 (currently $ 4.99)
  • Monthly Subscription Pro – $ 9.99 (currently $ 6.99)  
Moneyspire personal finance Software

Bankivity is better for proactive money management, manages all aspects of finances & exclusively designed for Mac OS & iOS.

Banktivity Features:

  • Organization – Group your workspace, reports & accounts.
  • Budget planning.
  • Reports – customizable, dynamic & interactive.
  • Investment portfolio.
  • Set Goals for every stage of your financial journey.
  • Real Estate – Trace property value & get home loans
  • Track multi currency accounts.
  • Cloud sync will all account types.

Banktivity Personal Finance Software

Banktivity Pricing:

Bankivity has 3 plans to chose from:

Bronze – $ 49.99/yrSilver – $ 69.99/yrGold – $ 99.99/yr
5 different account types10 different account types10 different account types
Create BudgetInvestment ReportsVarious currency support
Create ReportsRetirement PlanMortgage, Realestate accounts
Set up Goals to pay down loansSave for EducationDownload Stock Prices is budget software for daily life. Googbudget helps to stick to your budget by putting income in envelops. Cash for each month’s expenses is taken out and divided into envelopes for each budget category such as groceries, dining out, debt. Goodbudget software is available in iOS & Android version.

Goodbudget Features:

  • Budgeting software based on envelop method.
  • Sync & share household budget.
  • Saving for big expenses.
  • Payoff debts faster.

Goodbudget features.

Goodbudget Pricing:

Free ForeverPlus – $ 7/ Mo
10 Regular envelopesUnlimited regular envelopes
10 more envelopesUnlimited more envelopes
1 accountUnlimited accounts
2 devices5 devices
1 year of history7 years of history
Debt trackingDebt tracking
Community supportEmail support


Digit is a new age fintech app that helps with a variety of saving goals. Digit also lets you invest for your future. Digit app is available in iOS & Android. Digit uses smart algorithms & best financial practices to automatically save & invest your money everyday.

Digit Features:

  • Auto calculations of savings everyday
  • Auto invest.
  • Advanced machine learning technology.

Digit Pricing:

Digit platform is free to try for 30 days, after which it costs $5 per month.

Digit investment platform

Moneydashboard is UK based company founded in 2010 that provides users with budgeting services. The service can be used Free of Cost, Moneybashboard makes money by providing customer behavioral insight data to companies for a fee. They also recommend financial products to customers and receive a fee from companies when users make a purchase. They have 600,000 customers and 900,000 connected accounts.

Moneydashboard Features:

  • Budgeting.
  • Spend Tracker.
  • Secure bank connections.
  • monitor all bills & subscriptions in one place.

Moneydash features


Acemoneylite is a free personal finance software that can be used as a free alternative to Quicken & Microsoft Money, whilst it covers most of the feature sets it is limited to 2 accounts only.

Acemoney is the paid version of Acemoneylite which includes all the features of Acemoneylite plus unlimited accounts.


  • Visual representation of spending habits.
  • Create & manage budgets.
  • Investment performance tracking.
  • Multi currency support (AUD, CHF, GBP, USD & EUR)
  • Bill tracking
  • Planning debt & mortgage payment.
  • Compatible with windows or Mac OS
  • 25 languages are supported
  • Data import from Quicken or Microsoft money.

AceMoney Price:

Whilst AceMoneylite is a free package, AceMoney will cost you $ 44.95. One can also pay with Cryptocurrency to purchase Ace money. There is a risk free 15 day money back guarantee on this product.

Acemoney features.


Moneydance is a product of infiniteKind who are a group of senior developers, software designers working together to create useful mobile & desktop applications. This fully featured personal finance app makes financial tasks easy with features such as online banking, bill payment, budgeting, account management, it also provides detailed graphs and reports.

Moneydance Features:

  • Online Banking – Automatically download transactions.
  • All in one summary page.
  • Graphs & reports.
  • Reminders for one-off or repeat subscriptions.
  • Investments tracking.
  • Android & iOS apps.

Moneydance Price:

Moneydance software is available for free trial with restrictions, you will need a license to remove the restrictions. Software cost $49.99 USD & is compatible with below platforms:

  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • iOS app
  • Android app

Moneydance screenshot


Founded by Dave Ramsey – Author, Businessman, Radio personality, Ramsey+ EveryDollar package is a budget app that helps to understand money & helps you reach your money goals.

Ramsey+ Features:

  • Customize budgets.
  • Create Savings Funds.
  • Track Debt Payments.
  • Sync Bank Accounts.
  • Budget Reports.
  • Download Transactions as Spreadsheets.
  • Free Audio Books
  • Free Federal Tax Filing with Ramsey SmartTax.
  • Free Session with a Ramsey Referred Coach.

Ramsey Plans:

  • EveryDollar package is available as free & paid versions.
Free Every Dollar AccountRamsey+ , $129.99/year
Customize Your BudgetCustomize your budget
Create savings fundsCreate savings funds
Track your debt paymentsTrack your debt payments
Custom Budget Reports
Due Date reminders
Smart Tracking Recommendations
Download transactions as spreadsheet
Ramsey+ Personal Finance Software
Ramsey+ pricing

Banktree based in UK server customers in UK, EU & US, it supports over 50 online banking providers. Banktree software can be used as online package or desktop package (windows). The online package supports major UK & US banks & provides high data security with 2048 bit encryption.

Banktree Features:

  • Setup cash or investment accounts.
  • Support for multiple currencies.
  • Automatically sync bank or financial accounts.
  • Import your bank statement from your online bank or other financial packages.
  • All major UK Banks. Supports for over 50 financial institutions in UK and Europe.
  • Add income, expenditure, and transfers between accounts, split transactions between different categories.
  • Easily add Budgets.
  • Choose from 24 reports and charts, that show how you finances are doing.
  • Add scheduled payments.
  • Forecast your schedules showing how this affects your net worth over months and years.
  • Email and application alerts for Balances, Budgets and transaction limits.
  • Add and monitor investments.
  • Savings goal tool allows you to add your mortgage repayment schedule to your account.
  • Get BankTree Online Personal Finance Software, and manage multiple accounts.

Banktree Products & Pricing:

All 3 products will help recording income, expenditure, balance statements & budgeting.

  • Banktree desktop Software – to use with one computer.
    • Currently this is £35 (inc VAT) for UK residence.
    • EUR 35 (plus EU VAT) for European residence.
    • $40 for US and other countries.
  • Banktree subscription service.
    • Starter Annual subscriptions are £35 (inc VAT) for UK residence.
    • EUR 35 (plus EU VAT) for European residence.
    • $40 for US and other countries.
  • Mobile App


HomeBank is free, easy to use, personal accounting software for everyone. Homebank platform, supports GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X operating systems.

Homebank Features:

  • Import easily from Intuit, Quicken, Microsoft Money or other software.
  • Import bank account statements (OFX/QFX, QIF, CSV).
  • Duplicate transaction detection at import.
  • Multiple currencies, with online update.
  • Automatic category/payee assignment.
  • Various account types : Bank, Cash, Asset, Credit card, Liability.
  • Scheduled transaction, with post in advance option.
  • Category split.
  • Simple Month/Annual budget.
  • Dynamic powerful reports with charts.
  • Translated in around 56 languages.


GNUCash is a personal & small business financial accounting software, freely licensed under GNU GPL, the software is available for Linux, Solaris, Mac OS & Windows.

GNUcash Features:

  • Double Entry Accounting.
  • Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Accounts.
  • Small Business Accounting.
  • Generate Reports & Graphs.
  • Import transactions & matching.
  • Financial Calculators.

GNUCash feature highlights

Microsoft money-Money in Excel

Microsoft Money in Excel is available to Microsoft 365 personal & family subscribers in the U.S. One can manage your money from Excel which most of us are familiar with. 

Microsoft Money Features:

  • Manage your money within Excel
  • Securely connect to your bank, credit card, investment & loan accounts.
  • Keep track of your money
  • Get to your financial goals
  • Easily customisable for your needs

Microsoft Money Pricing:

Requires Microsoft 365 personal or Family subscription.


Developed by The Digital Cave, Buddi released as a open source software is personal finance & Budgeting program aimed at those who have little to no financial background.

Buddi Features:

  • View Bank Accounts
  • Create Budgets
  • New Transactions
  • Simple Reporting


What is a Personal Finance Software?

Personal finance software is a software package, platform or app that can help you with managing your daily finances, monitor spending, assist with investments & savings goals. All financial assets & accounts can be accessed from one place. The software platform provides graphical interpretation of financial assets.

What is the best Personal Finance Software?

The answer to this question is dependent on your personal situation & your goals. The above 25 products cover all aspects of finance needs & should help you finding a suitable platform.

Disclaimer: We you purchase some of the products, we may get paid affiliate commission.

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