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Is Real Estate Investment Trust A Good Career Path?

is real estate investment trust a good investment career


Deciding which career to pursue could be the scariest decision one will ever make in their life. People spend lots of time searching for the opportunity they have in mind and the drawbacks of choosing an exceptionally great career. Your search for a career path must have led to a real estate investment trust.

Real estate is famous for its stability for investors and its lucrative careers that pay handsomely. You could be wondering, “is it worthwhile to pursue real estate investment trust as an excellent career path?” The current market trends suggest it is a productive field with high-paying jobs in asset management, property management and development, and business research. 

What is Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

A real estate investment trust is an investment fund created by multiple investors that own and operate several commercial real estates for revenue generation. In a REIT, one can invest in a fraction of real estate projects like hospitals, offices, warehouses, shopping malls, hotels, and flats to generate profit. With REIT, one does not need to buy, finance, or manage the property; you can invest money and earn dividends from the profit generated by the property. 

REITs also allow investors to chose multiple properties to invest in, thus diversifying risk and portfolio.

There are Four types of REITs available in the market: Ref –> REIT

Real estate investment trust

Equity REITs : Involves buying and managing income-generating property.

mREITs : Which allow investing in mortgage REITs.

PNL REITs : Public non-listed REIT’s, these are registered with SEC but not traded on Stock exchange.

Private REITs: Private REIT’s are not required to be registered with SEC & do not trade on Stock exchange. 

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trust:

If you do not want the pressure and the risks associated with investing in real estate but still want a shot at the industry, then you can choose one of the many careers available. Initially, people thought that the only job available at real estate in real estate agent; however, the industry is growing at an unprecedented pace and new lucrative jobs have open up in REITs.

While the job discussed here may be extremely successful, they are not challenges free. These jobs sometimes entail conducting a thorough market search, knowing properties are primed and who are likely to invest in them. Here are some of the best-paying jobs you can use to guide your career path.

Real Estate Agent

It is the most popular job opportunity available in the real estate investment industry. A real estate agent’s responsibility involves assisting parties in purchasing or selling a property, including luxury residences, single-family houses, vacation homes, condominiums, and others.

Industrial real estate agents are required to link the buyer and the seller of commercial real estate properties, such as warehouses, hotels, shopping centers, and other related commercial buildings. Commerce and finance knowledge will come in handy for industrial real estate agents. 

Real Estate Analyst 

A REIT analyst is another lucrative job in this category, and they help real estate and financial management acquire, finance, market and sell assets. This job involves researching, analyzing, and monitoring market development, providing insight to the firm to make a well-informed property decision.

As an analyst, you will be required to do financial simulations on the firm’s purchases or present properties. Therefore, you should have adequate knowledge of the financial matter. The REIT analyst’s annual salary is approximately $82k. 

Real Estate Property Appraiser

This profession requires you to evaluate and determine the value of particular real estate property, including residential and commercial. They use various economic criteria to calculate the market worth of a property. Qualifying for this position will need an in-depth understanding of the outworking of the real estate market and the contribution of elements, such as location, proximity to the CBD, and access to the property.

This job also requires that an appraiser have a properties appraiser’s license, meaning one should first take an appraiser course and pass. With some knowledge in economic theory, finance, and other relevant disciplines, you can receive an annual income of $53k.

Best paying jobs in realestate investment trust.
Best Paying Jobs in RealEstate.

Real Estate Attorney

If you are an attorney, the real estate investment trust also has a job for you: a part-time or full-time career. The function of the attorney is to settle various asset transfer and ownership problems. An attorney also mediates the issuing of paperwork, titles, exchanges, and any related legal matter associated with real estate holdings.

Additionally, they offer legal advice for sellers and buyers before and during the acquisition or leasing. You could earn approximately $119k annually as a real estate attorney, meaning it is in the highest category of best-paying jobs. 

Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers are very similar to real estate agents since they all accelerate the meeting of buyers and sellers of a property. They only differ in employers, with the majority of real estate brokers working for brokerage companies.

Alternatively, brokers can work independently by creating their firms for property brokerage purposes. However, before qualify to be a stand-alone broker, you will need a three-year of experience as a real estate agent. In the U.S., a real estate broker can make an average of $75k annually. 

Property Manager

Investors in REITs put money in these funds for dividends from the property profits, such as rents. REITs own and manage properties and buildings, which means plenty of management openings in this industry. As a property manager, you will ensure the physical and financial condition of the assets you manage are in good condition.

You should attend to the demand of the owners and renters because a happy renter guarantee s meeting the firm’s financial objectives. In the U.S., property managers receive approximately $54k annually. 

The Future of a Career Path in REITs

A career path in REITs is a specialized career and having that insight helps you know what qualifications you need as a venture in the real estate industry. If it is your dream to pursue a real estate investing career, consider building it on REITs. The real estate industry involves huge investments; therefore, a career in REITs will guarantee decent pay.

This industry is projected to continue growing with the rise in population and the emergence of new cities. Buildings will continue to be sought after by every investor looking for a stable investment. Yes, the future has never been brighter for those choosing a career path in a real estate investment trust. 

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