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11 Best Small Business Ideas For Teens.

Small Business Ideas For Teens


Many associate teen ages with studying, hanging out with friends, and video gaming;. However, the internet is abuzz with teenagers who have shot to fame because of investing in business ideas. Business success is not only for adults; it can come at any age. We provide you with 11 best small business ideas for teens that can not only make money but that can be implement with great success. 

If you are a teen with an entrepreneurial spirit or want to make some money for college, there are tons of business ideas you could cash on. If you are a parent training your teen more responsibility to become ‘the person’, you are at the right place.

What makes a business an excellent idea for teens?

Teenagers wanting to venture into business should keep certain things in mind that will enable them to start and operate. Often teens have to keep a full class schedule with limited resources to go by, hence the need to keep things into perspective if they are to succeed. The business should have the following characteristic:

Easily accessible or Home-based Business

Transportation could be a major issue for teenagers aspiring to start a business since they may not be of age to drive themselves. A home business or one that can easily be accessed can be ideal for the teenager for easy operation, and this could also limit the cost associated with running the business. 

Flexible Hours

Since schooling takes a lot of a teenager’s job, it can be compared to a full-time job for an adult, and any business they operate could be a side hustle. This means that teens’ most reasonable business idea should have flexible hours that they could run in the evening and on weekends. 

Small Business Ideas For Teens
Small Business Ideas For Teens

Low Capital Or No Capital Investment

Most teens often have limited access to financing and minimal savings. As a teenager, choosing a business idea with little financial investment will help you succeed in your endeavour without anxiety. 

Having considered three factors, you need to keep in mind before venturing into business, let’s consider some brilliant small business ideas for teens that you can turn into a money-making machine.

11 Best Small Business Ideas For Teens

General Errand Runner

Doing chores can help even kindergarteners and preschoolers to make money. Once a teen masters the bicycle or acquires a driving license, it presents various opportunities for help-for-pay services that previously were not viable. Some neighbors or family members may have more money than time, or physical limitations could enable a teen with easier movement to grab these opportunities and make some money.

Adult families or neighbors who hire teens to care for some tasks or projects are a win-win situation. The teen helps them clear their schedule, and the adult helps someone they know. Teenagers will feel great knowing they are assisting some, becoming responsible while earning some money for future use.

Academic Tutor

Becoming an academic tutor could be an easy way to make money for teenagers. Every teen with unique skills, whether they are good in writing, science, math, or reading, could utilize these skills to teach someone who is struggling at a fee. Additionally, a ten can help others prepare for tests, such as ACTs, SATs, AP, or other standardized tests. 

Car Washing

Many car owners love to see their cars new and shiny, but very few have the time and dedication needed to wash them. Starting this business can be simple and cost less; all you need is a window cleaner, a bucket, a soft sponge, and elbow grease for polishing after cleaning. With this job, you are certain to make some bucks every weekend. 

Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

Owning a dog or a pet can be fun and cool for animal lovers; however, it takes time and effort to feed and exercise them, which rarely come by for busy adults. Teenagers with a passion and love for animals can grab this business opportunity and earn some money by walking neighbors’ dogs or sitting pets. Fortunately, this business has flexible hours, plus you will get all the supplies needed from the owners. 

Lawn Mowing Business

If, as a teen, one of your chores at home is to more the family lawn, then you already have the experience and skills needed to start this business. You could market your services around the neighborhood and have a long list of clients in the summer when schools are closed or on the weekends. Often your neighbors have the machine and what it requires is your expertise and effort to have money in your pocket. 

Small Business Ideas For Teens
Small Business Ideas For Teens


Many families take time during summer or school breaks to travel for holidays, which provides dedicated teenagers with an opportunity to make some money. While these families are away, they may need someone to take mails, stop by the house, water the plants, or carry out daily tasks. Operating a housesitting business will help you take advantage of this opportunity as a teen earn some dollars as you assist the community. 

Child Care

Some teenagers have made a name for themselves by starting a nanny business. Babysitting or child care business is a tried and tested business idea for tens. You could attend this business after school or on the weekends, helping your family, friends, and neighbors care for their children.

It is not easy for busy parents to take care of their little ones 24/7, and the nanny business can help give a good start for business. Child care is a highly sorted business, and as a teen, you could stand out from the crowd by taking babysitting and child care classes. 


A teen who is already helping with cleaning chores around the house has the skill that can be harnessed into a business. These teens are familiar with the skills needed for a house cleaning business for nearby homeowners. Most homeowners would be glad to pay a teenager they know to mop, dust, and vacuum their home. 

Farmers Market Vendor

 A teen skilled at making handmade goods can sell these goods at the farmers’ market in the local area, providing you an easy way to start a business for selling stuff. Whether it is food items, crafts, or handmade beauty products, you can take advantage of a market nearby and sell these products for money. Remember, you may need your parents’ input in reserving a booth and overseeing operations. 

Graphic designer

Some artistically inclined, tech-savvy kids, can turn this skill into a business for graphic designs. Many people are need of graphic designers for business logos; friends may want some designs on their T-shirts, which offers an excellent opportunity to grow your business. Since it is a computer job, you may explore freelance work for your local business area. 

Technology Tutor

The world has gone digital with the arrival of computers and smartphones; however, most older adults are not acquainted with these gadgets. Teenagers are growing up with this technology and have a mastery of its features that can turn into a lucrative business. With patience and skills, you can a teen can turn technological know-how into a business. 

Bonus Small Business Idea For Teens.

Youtube Channel

Of all the small business ideas for teens we mentioned so far, this one of the best & easiest business to turn your hobbies or pass-time interests into an educational or entertainment Youtube channel. Signing & starting up a YouTube channel is easy & one can produce content with a mobile phone with good camera. However this is Hobby/business is not something that you can make money from day one, instead should be considered as a longterm business strategy.


Teenagers can succeed in starting small businesses and make some money despite their busy schedules. You could turn your passion into a business opportunity or take advantage of an untapped service in your area. However, starting a business require dedication and commitment to succeed, meaning that you will need to forgo lots of fun time and channel some of that time into building your business idea.

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